Internet TV – Create your own channel on the internet with 768 Kbit transmission quality

    Hosting Profiles for Professional TV Server 768 kbit / sec (Full HD Quality)

    A new dimension in Video Streaming is bringing special interest, imaginative new ideas and growth prospects, especially those that are already involved with the radio.

    The renewed service we offer you presents quite distinctive features and an attractive price that make it unique throughout the web site.

    What can you do with Web TV?

    • Direct broadcast from a webcam or other source from our PC
    • Relaying a TV signal from another source
    • Upload files from your computer

    It is addressed to:

    a) Radio stations that want to make live TV shows on the web, watch movies, live shows, broadcast from other channels, and play their favorite video clips.

    b) DJs who want to place a live camera in their studio so that they can watch the listeners.

    c) Professionals, individuals and security systems companies who want to place surveillance cameras or stream TV from one location to another via the Internet (password-listenable).

    What is the package that suits you?

    WEB TV
    • 225 Simultaneous viewers

    • 235 E + 24% Taxes / 3 Months
    • 500 Simultaneous viewers

    • 420 E+ 24% Taxes/ 3 Months

    What professional program does our company offer for live image and sound transmission for your own online channel?

    • WireCast
    • Free Open Source Software:

    We suggest PCs for Web TV Streaming